Why you should visit Richmond Park

Richmond Park is a fabulous park that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. Overshadowed by its central cousins, Hyde Park and Regents Park, the park in Richmond nonetheless offers visitors an enjoyable nature experience. The park is celebrated for its wide-reaching open landscapes, which stretch out often further than the eye can see.

Unlike Regents Park, there’s no hope here that you’ll traverse the better part of the park in just one single day. Nevertheless, this expansive park is still worth the trip. In Hyde Park and Regents, you’ll quickly notice surrounding tourists and citizens to as you mill across the park. The same will be harder to see at Richmond, particularly as you go deeper into the park.


The unique aspects behind Richmond

In Richmond Park, the reality is that you’ll be likelier to see barely any people around as you wander into the depths of the park. That can make the experience of walking into nature, far more immersive at times. Be sure to visit with a group for the best possible experience, as the Richmond Park is a place you’ll want to share the experience with.

Interestingly, Richmond Park is a national nature reserve, a special area of conservation, as well as a site of special scientific interest.  It’s also fascinatingly been the location for several famous television shows and movies. For instance, some of the scenes from ‘Into the Woods’ a Disney movie, were filmed in Richmond Park.

Additionally, many travellers visit the park to enjoy bird watching and revel in the sight of the deer.

Getting there

A fifteen minute walk away from Richmond station; this park is relatively easy to find. To avoid getting lost, we recommend you visit with a smartphone that has mobile data enabled. That way will make the task of finding the park, among other attractions, far easier and more manageable.

If you want to avoid having to setup mobile data when you arrive, call your current carrier to see if they offer any roaming packages at a good rate. Some service providers, such as Three Mobile, interestingly provide a comprehensive free mobile data policy in selected countries.

The Montcalm London Hotel puts you in an ideal position to enjoy the many nature spots in the city. Whether it’s Richmond Park, Hyde Park, or Regents – the central location of the accommodation makes it easy for you to delight in the nature spots in the city.

Funnily enough, many first time visitors to London are surprised by the sheer amount of nature spots in the city. It’s not just the parks; there’s also plenty of garden spaces in the city. Whichever way you look at it, London offers more than just attractions, a bustling atmosphere, and a unique history.

It also provides an unprecedented amount of parks and nature sites worth exploring. We hope you plan out one of your afternoons to visit the park. For some, travelling to Richmond might prove to be challenging because of the long journey. Questions such as is it worth it will likely come to mind. The answer to that depends on how long you plan on staying in the city.

If you’re only staying for a couple of days or just four days for that matter, we recommend you stay in central as much as possible. If however, your trip amounts to something closer to one week, it’ll be worth a visit for sure. Especially considering you would explore the majority of the central attractions by then.

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