Aromatherapy Massage

25 Minutes 70.00
40 Minutes 100.00
60 Minutes 110.00
90 Minutes 145.00

Swedish Massage

25 Minutes 70.00
40 Minutes 100.00
60 Minutes 110.00
90 Minutes 145.00

Deep Tissue Massage

60 Minutes 120.00
90 Minutes 170.00

Hot Stone Massage

60 Minutes 110.00
90 Minutes 145.00

Other Massages

Indian Head Massage45 min - 90.00

A popular massage option, the Indian Head Massage offers serene relaxation with uplifting goodness through techniques developed form the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda. A combination of movement with varying pressures are applied to the shoulder, neck, scalp and face areas. Along with deep relaxation the massage also increase blood flow to relive tension, ease stiff muscles and destress the body.

Herbal Ball Massage1h 30 min - 155.00

The herbal ball massage is a unique technique that draws goodness of therapeutic herbs and botanicals catalysed by the use of heat. Together they deliver powerful and all natural rejuvenation to the body. Warm muslin balls filled with a select mix of Thai herbs are pressed against the problem areas in gentle motions with varying pressures. The hot compress along with the anti-inflammatory properties of the herbs work to soothe sore and tender areas, relive muscular myofascial pains and increase blood flow to relax the stiff painful muscles.

  • The herbs in the hot ball, help clear airways and sinuses.
  • Reduces symptoms of stress and emotional tension.
  • Relaxes the muscles and relives spasms.
  • Eases muscular and joint pains associated with conditions like osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia amongst others.
  • Relaxes the body and reduces insomnia.

Recovery Treatment1h 30 min - 155.00

Recovery treatment is a comprehensive approach to wholesome wellbeing. The multifaceted treatment includes Oil Massage, gentle stretching and warm herbal balls. The treatment aids detoxification and to destress. Calming and restorative botanicals are pressed against the body in warm balls to help the skin absorb their restorative goodness, which in turn boosts blood flow, reinforces the immune system and relieves tension.

Sports Massage1h - 110.00

If you are thinking sports massages are only for sporting professionals and athletes, you may be missing out on a very effective wellness treatment. A Sports massage can be tailored for everyone from tri-athlete to the occasional jogger. The aim of the treatment is repair injuries caused by the stress of repetitive motions along with fortifying the muscles to make them more resilient against potential future injuries of the same manner. The massage combines techniques from the disciplines of Acupressure, Swedish massage and Shiatsu that are applied in way that alternates between pressure and suction and helps to improve motion range and muscle flexibility.

Shiatsu Massage1h - 115.00 or 1h 30 min - 150.00

A well-known and highly sought after form of Japanese massage, this treatment actually originates from a framework laid down in ancient Chinese medicine. In the Japanese language the first image that comes to mind on the mention of shiatsu is to press (or be pressed) with the tips of fingers and thumbs. The Shiatsu massage employs the fingers, thumbs and palms to stretch muscles and manipulate the joints. The massage adjusts the body's natural alignment, to allow for a smoother balanced flow of energy that ushers deep relaxation.

Lomi Lomi Hawaian Massage1h - 110.00

Lomi originated in ancient Polynesia and further developed when travellers brought the knowledge to Hawaii. This ancient mode of treatment is still seen by the native Hawaiians as revered skill that takes decades to learn and master. Drawing from these principles the Lomi lomi therapy uses palms, forearms, fingers and knuckles. The massage rather gently gets to the deepest muscles and works on them to drain the all the backed up stress and tension that we carry around with us. A continuous repetition of long flowing strokes revives the muscles and tissues to deliver a deep relaxation that will leave you refreshed and revitalised.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage1h - 120.00

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is not just an alternative therapy it has also been approved by modern day medicine for it numerous benefits. Gentle and light rhythmic movements coax lymphatic system to drain the interstitial fluid that carries away toxins and foreign material. At the same time the lymph node are revitalised to promote the production of special immune boosting cells called lymphocytes. Highly recommend to revive bodies that have been worn down by a sedentary lifestyle, this massage improves energy levels and can also have great results for the skin.

Anti-Cellulite Slimming Treatment1h - 110.00

There is only so much that all the diets and special workouts can do to gain the perfectly toned body. Stubborn cellulite needs more. The Anti-Cellulite Slimming Treatment is a fantastic way to come closer to the perfect body tone. The massage works on the specific problem areas where cellulite sits beneath the skin creating an uneven, bumpy and dimpled appearance. The cellulite is kneaded and rolled away from connective tissue and blood flow is increasingly stimulated. This leaves the body with a firm and smooth appearance. Regular Anti-Cellulite Slimming Treatment are highly advised for lasting results.

Kids Massage including fruit facial "Little Princess/ Little Prince"50 min - 60.00

Why should only grownups enjoy all the pampering goodness of our wellness treatment, we think kinds would enjoy them too. After all kids could also do with some relaxing time to unwind. Our Little Princesses' / Prince's massages are and excellent and delicate massage tailored to suit the young ones. Not only will they like enjoy some sublime serenity, we will also surprise them with a delightful sweet surprise.

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