Pillow Perfection

The Montcalm pillow menu

Everything else is perfect, so why not the pillow too? Let us spoil you even in your sleep, with pillows personally selected. There are hypo-allergenic, anti-ageing, ecological and vitamin treated options, and with everything from sublime softness to a firmer feel for enhanced neck support, you're sure to feel the benefits at breakfast time.

Hypo Allergenic

100% cotton, filled with hypo allergenic fibre balls, these pillows promote sound, sneeze-free sleep.


Enhance your beauty sleep with a 100% cotton covered pillow treated with vitamin E to help prevent skin ageing.

Manly Magic

A robust blend of 55% goose feather inside and 45% goose down outside for a firmer feel, wrapped in a luxurious 100% cotton cover.

Dainty Delight

Blissfully soft for the lightest of sleepers, this silky sleep enhancer is the softest pillow in our selection.

Sleep Shaper

Cleverly crafted with 100% pincore latex, this is the pillow that moulds itself around you, offering improved neck support for a more comfortable night's sleep.


Save the earth one sleep at a time with the ultimate environmentally friendly pillow, made only with natural, ecological elements.

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