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"Two stylish restaurants, the intimate Nirvana bar, exquisite afternoon tea and 24 hour room service will leave you spoilt for choice."

London is the city on every foodie's lips, stealing a march on Paris for Europe's culinary crown. But with two exceptional restaurants, the glamourous Nirvana Bar, the quintessential afternoon tea and 24 hour room service, you'd be forgiven for staying in. Taste the pleasures of tapas Indian street food-style at Hankies, where the eponymous 'hankies' are classic

hand-spun rumali roti, folded and served with authentic tandoori accompaniments. The Crescent Restaurant & Lounge is all about leisurely breakfasts and any-time eats including Teddy's Tea Time for the kids. Nirvana Bar meanwhile is strictly for grown-ups with a penchant for premium - with or without bubbles.

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