Scent to your Room

You've arrived. Close the door behind you, kick off your shoes - and breathe. With our hallmark six senses aroma box, it's a moment that teases the senses and evokes memories of a perfect summer's day, a windswept seaside stroll or the tang of fresh berries. Whatever your pleasure, your room at the Montcalm is all about you, in every sense.

Romantic Touch

Romantic Touch

Classic rose, combined with the pale tones of sandalwood, the warmth of the cardamom spice, the rarity of saffron and an unmistakable undertone of fresh basil.


Picture a stroll through a Provencal meadow with this blend of the finest French lavender, fragrant bergamot and calming clary sage. An enduring favourite.

Field Fresh

Throw open the windows of your country cottage and sense the freshness of the fragrant air on a gentle breeze, transporting you from city to country in seconds.

Pink Grapefruit

Energising and uplifting; the bright, zesty aroma of just-ripe grapefruit and orange paired with sweet fresh peaches and red berries, with the subtle fragrance of osmanthus and violet.

Saw Grass

Earthy and sweet as a freshly mown lawn on a summer's afternoon, this evocative grassy scent is enlivened with notes of honeyed neroli, hints of lemongrass, floral rose and sandalwood.

Marine Fresh

Sense the waves breaking on the shore with invigorating notes of ocean spray, bergamot, dune grass and cedar. You can almost hear the seagulls on the breeze and feel the sand between your toes.

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